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Why Choose Allied Carpet Care?

  • Over 25 years experience cleaning carpets and upholstery
  • NO hidden charges
  • Process takes only 3-4 hours to dry
  • We move the medium sized furniture
  • 30 day guarantee on all work
  • We will beat any competitors final price
  • We use superior chemicals
  • Schedule specific times, no large window appointments  

 We provide carpet cleaning in 

     Boise, Meridian, Eagle,  Garden City, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Middleton, and Star


Carpet Cleaning Specials

Any 3 Room Carpet Cleaning


Any 5 Room Carpet Cleaning

$149  Whole House Carpet 

under 3000 s/f
Add $25 For steps

$10 Per Room for Pet Stain Removal & Pet Odor Removal

 Services We Offer  

  • Residential Carpet Cleaning

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Pet Stain Removal & Deodorizing 

  • Fabric Protection for carpets and upholstery 


Our Work
How to hire the right Carpet Cleaner?

With so many Boise carpet cleaners to choose from, how do you know who is telling you the truth.  Almost every carpet cleaner advertises that they have the best cleaning prices and service. but are they giving you the service that you want?

1. Do the carpet cleaners you hire really charge what they quote over the phone?

Many times carpet cleaners quote one price over the phone and when they show up to your house they do not honor their price.  The carpet cleaner arrives and tells you the price quoted over the phone is only for a basic cleaning and that it does not include removing the stains.  These companies have learned that the customer has taken time away from their busy schedule to prepare the house for carpet cleaning so they know that the customer will just agree and pay the higher prices rather than have to schedule another carpet cleaner out.

One good way to see if the carpet cleaning company you hire sticks to their phone prices is to ask them if you can prepare the check in advance.  If the carpet cleaning company tells you that their may be changes you will know that the prices most likely will go up when they arrive.

When using Allied Carpet Care you can always prepare the check before we arrive

2. Do the carpet cleaners you hire really remove the dirt permanently?

Some carpet cleaners use soaps to remove the dirt.  The soap are petroleum based (sticky) and they stick to the dirt, then the cleaner rinses the carpet and removes the dirt and the soapy residue. I have seen many carpets that have been cleaned resoil quicker than normal because the dirt reattracts to that soapy residue. 

Always use a company that uses neutral ph cleaners that are not sticky.

When using Allied Carpet Care you can be assured that their is no sticky residue left behind.

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