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How to Remove Red Stains from Carpet

There are 2 types of Red Stains found in carpet.  The most common  type of red stain is synthetic, caused by a drink spill usually a fruit punch or red wine.. The other type of red stain is caused by a blood stain.  The best way of treating these stains are to clean them right away before the dye sets into the carpet and dyes that area.  I recommend using a club soda mixed with some oxyclean detergent.  For some reason you do not treat the stain before it sets, there is still hope. Most Carpet cleaning companies provide a red dye spot treatment service.  How it works, after we clean the carpets and remove any prior spot cleaners that were used. We apply a red stain remover on the stain and work it into the fiber.  Then we use a steaming component to heat the stain remover and transfer the dye into a wet towel.  Allied Carpet Care uses a wallpaper iron instead of a regular steaming iron to prevent the carpet fibers from overheating and singeing. We check the spot lifting the wet towel every 30-60 seconds and reapply the red dye stain remover til the stain is completely transferred.  After we are finished the carpets will dry normally and the stain does not reappear. I have included some pictures of an actual stain we removed from a customers home.  

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