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How to Remove Red Stains out of Carpet-

There is not a home remedy that can be used in getting a red dye stain from your carpets.  The best thing that you can do is call a professional carpet cleaning company that offers this service. There are 2 types of Red Stains found in carpet.  The most common  type of red stain is synthetic, caused by a drink spill usually a fruit punch or red wine.. The other type of red stain is caused by a blood stain.  The best way of treating these stains are to clean them right away before the dye sets into the carpet and dyes that area.  I recommend using a club soda mixed with some oxyclean detergent.  For some reason you do not treat the stain before it sets, there is still hope. Most Carpet cleaning companies provide a red dye spot treatment service.  How it works, after we clean the carpets and remove any prior spot cleaners that were used. We apply a red stain remover on the stain and work it into the fiber.  Then we use a steaming component to heat the stain remover and transfer the dye into a wet towel.  Allied Carpet Care uses a wallpaper iron instead of a regular steaming iron to prevent the carpet fibers from overheating and singeing. We check the spot lifting the wet towel every 30-60 seconds and reapply the red dye stain remover til the stain is completely transferred.  After we are finished the carpets will dry normally and the stain does not reappear. I have included above some pictures of an actual stain we removed from a customers home.  

What is the worst thing you can do to your carpets

​Posted 12/1/2015

After cleaning thousands of residential carpets. There is  one thing for sure that through my experiences that the worst thing you can do is attempt to clean your own carpets.  Time and time again, I have noticed there are quite a few people who clean there own carpets.  What I notice is that there is no commercial over the counter carpet cleaning shampoos that will easily be rinsed from the carpet.  What happens is people put down the shampoo in the high traffic areas and go over these areas again and again leaving a substantial amount of shampoo in the carpets.  The dirt may be removed, but the sticky shampoo that is used to clean is left behind.  The carpets quickly resoil(new dirt is attracted to the carpet).  The best way to remove the shampoos is to use a fiber rinse or a defoamer to break down the sticky alkaline cleaners.  

Using over the counter cleaners

Using over the counter carpet and upholstery spot cleaners, usually do more harm than good.  The one thing that happens in most cases, the cleaner leaves behind a sticky substance when it dries.

The spot may disappear, but a new spot will appear in that area down the road.  My recommendation is to first test the spot in  a inconspicuous area to make sure you can clean it with water.  If there is no problems after it dries use something like club soda, the carbonation will release the stain from the fabric without attracting future spots. If you are in the Boise, Meridian or Eagle area give a professional carpet cleaner like Allied Carpet Care a call (208) 939-3815.

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