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​​​​​​​​​​​Allied Carpet Care

Residential Carpet Cleaning 

​At Allied Carpet Care, we believe clean carpets are essential to keeping your home healthy.  Our state of the art equipment and process will not only remove dirt and spots, but will take care of any sticky substances which attract future resoiling of the carpets.  Below are some photos that will show you the difference we will make.

Before & After Photos of our Work

​​Our 5 Step Cleaning Process

1. Prevacuum the carpets which loosens which picks up the loose debris in the carpet.  

2. Spray a neutral PH cleaner on the carpet (treats all of stains and preconditions the carpets for cleaning)

3. Go over the carpets with a soft bristle brush which loosens the stubborn stains.

4. Dry out the carpets and remove loosened Soil.

5. We do a final rake which expedites the drying time.

Benefits of Using Allied Carpet Care

1. No wicking. This is what happens when the carpets are cleaned with too much water and when the carpets dry the stains rise up to the surface which causes a browning effect.

2. Quick drying times. Approximately 3-4 hours for carpets to completely dry.  

3. Spots and Stains do not reappear. The carpet cleaning solutions we use do not have a sticky residues and we do not leave soap in the carpets when finished that re attract the stains. When soap is left in your carpets, stains and high traffic areas will reappear.  We even use a defoamer for no extra charge is your carpets already have soap from prior carpet cleanings.

4.Use less moisture than the competition, this will extend the life of your carpet.

5. No danger of mold or mildew problems or allergic reactions to our cleaners, they are safe and we have been using the same solution for over 25 years.

6. Our carpet cleaning process is eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

7. There is always a 30 day guarantee on all work

8. You will always get an experienced and fully trained technician, All empoloyees go through an extensive background check

​9. There are no additional charges for light furniture moving, spot cleaning or exceptionally dirty carpet​

10. We are fully insured.  We carry Liability insurance as well as Workers Comp on all Employees.