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Carpet Cleaning 

10¢ per square ft

minimum charge $75.00


 Looking for a carpet cleaner in Boise to clean your commercial property, well look no further. Allied Carpet Care has over 30 years experience and we use safe cleaners for your work environment.  Most commercial carpeting is a looped pile, which wears better than a residential carpet.  These fibers are woven into the backing of the carpet.  Most of these carpets have little to no padding underneath and are glued to the floor or sub floor with an adhesive.  If the carpets are cleaned with too much moisture, that adhesive can loosen causing waves or bubbles that do not go down after the cleaning which could cause a tripping hazard.  Allied Carpet Care has a proven method that uses low moisture to clean your commercial carpeting without detaching the carpet from the sub floor.All of our cleaning products are safe, which is important where there may be numerous employees who may have asthma and breathing issues. Allied can clean your carpets if you are a small business or a bigger corporation. . We have simple pricing, just 10¢ cents per square foot. For example get 1,000 square feet of carpet cleaned for just $100.00. If you would like a free estimate over the phone, give us a call.


Below are the steps that we take to clean your commercial carpets.

Step one,  we Prevacuum the carpets which loosens which picks up the loose debris in the carpet.  

Step two,  we spray a neutral PH cleaner on the carpet which treats all of stains and preconditions the carpets for cleaning.

Step three, we go over the carpets with a scrub brush which loosens the stubborn stains.

Step four, we remove the dirt and dry out the carpets.

Step five, we do a final rake if needed, which expedites the drying time