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                                  Spotting Guide                                 
Drink spills- 

The most important tip is to act quickly and remove as much of the spill as possible, blotting it with an absorbent cotton towel.  Make sure the towel does not have any colors that can transfer to the carpets.  Repeat as necessary without scrubbing.  Scrubbing causes the pile to get distorted. After blotting and absorbing the majority of the stain, use a neutral ph cleaner  If you do not have any cleaner available use club soda.  Apply cleaner or club soda to stain and continue using the cleaning solution as long as there is a transfer of the spill to the cloth. It is not necessary to use all of the cleaning solutions if the first solution removes the spill. Be patient. Complete removal of the spill may require repeating the same step several times.

Paint and Gum-

I like a product called Goof Off, which is available at some of the local hardware stores.  It freezes the paint or gum so that it can easily be scraped out of the carpet. Follow their directions.

Candle Wax-

To remove candle wax from your carpet, first use a spoon and scrape as much wax as possible.  The apply an ice cube to the wax for 30-60 seconds and scrape with spoon again.  If you still have wax left in carpet. Cover wax with brown paper bag and apply an iron on low setting on top of bag. Only leave the iron on top of the bag for 20-30 seconds.  What will happen is that the candle wax will get absorbed into the bag.  The brown paper bag will appear greasy where the wax is being absorbed. Just move it to a new area on the bag. Keep repeating this process until the wax is removed.

If dyes from the wax remain, put a little clear rubbing alcohol onto a white towel and dab it onto the spot. Continue dabbing the dye until no more transfers onto the towel. 

Lastly rinse the spot with clean water. Wipe up the excess water with a clean white towel. Dry up area as quick as possible to prevent the spot from wicking.